fucking rich white people laughing at how poverty is some diet they should try

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13 Gift Ideas For The Sports Fan In Your Life


1. Sports fans don’t only drink beer.  Plenty of NFL fans love drinking wine. Just usually drink it in the privacy of their homes. $19.95 NFL Wine Stopper 

 2. On a budget? DIY baseball bracelet

3. Buying drinks at the game gets expensive; this helps solve that problem for sports fan on a budget. $5.95 iPhone Flask

4. For the sports fan who wears a button up and Dockers to a tailgate party. For $12.50  you can get a "Bottle Cooler."  Consider this the sophisticated version of a koozie. 

5. Chances are if you know a male sports fan between the ages of 15-40, they read Barstool sports.  They have great selection of original shirts for a bunch of different teams.

6. This is better than a bobble head.  $24.95 NHL Garden Gnome 

7. For the entertainer who’d rather watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs from home.   $34.95 NHL Themed Glass Beer Pitcher 

8. Who says sports themed home decoration has to be ugly?                    $65.00 Hand Made Baseball Art

 9. Ideal for the hipster sports fan in your life. $9.99 Bottle Insulator

10. A popcorn maker that looks like the Stanley Cup?!  $99.95 Yes

11. The Olympics are coming this February. Perfect gift for the person who know who won’t stop chanting U-S-A.   $14.00 USA Mittens

12. If you have a game room or a basement, this is the perfect dartboard for any sports fan. $98.48 NHL Dart Cabinet

13. And if you’re just looking for something small to give a co-worker or neighbor for $6.00 NHL Rubber Ducky Soap should do the trick.

I can’t for the life of me comprehend how possessing a small amount of a drug that is proven to be less harmful than the slew of prescription drugs people are addicted to, alcohol or cigarettes can ruin a persons life.  Have we not developed past all the idiotic propaganda distributed by Reefer Madness? 

Listen, I’m not gonna pretend to be someone who enjoys smoking pot or understands why some people find it to be so enjoyable, but I’m rational and educated enough to understand that it’s one of the least harmful “drugs” a person can use.  

Cops in New York City arrested 39,230 people for possessing a small amount of marijuana in 2012.  Is that seriously how we want our tax dollars to be spent?!  Perhaps the NYPD could better spend their time concentrating on the things that actually could change our city for the better, rather than making random arrests with no real evidence. 

The NY Department of Education is another sad joke. They fired a teacher that actually cared about his job, who changed his students lives and was doing his job better than most because of an arrest that should have never happened in the first place.  While the video above doesn’t come right out and say it, it’s clear, this man was arrested for one reason alone and it had nothing to do with the cigarette he was smoking.  He was arrested for being black.  

Being a black man in the bronx smoking a cigarette is why his life was ruined.  What happened to the Cop who made a false arrest, wasted tax dollars and contributed to the back up in our cities court system?

He probably ended up getting a raise for reaching his arrest quota for the month. 

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Dan Snyder’s magic touch, ladies and gentleman. 

Dan Snyder’s magic touch, ladies and gentleman. 

"The saddest little battle" is quite possibly the only way to describe tonight’s Nets-Knicks game.  

I think I’d rather watch Carrie Underwood and Bill from True Blood do the Sound of Music live on NBC.  That’s how sad the NBA’s lamest battle is going to be. 

Seriously, Andrea Tantaros? SERIOUSLY?!?!

When women can’t even help themselves from making sexist and insulting comments against other WOMEN, there’s really no hope in preventing others from making these statements.

She claims that the pink cleats that NFL players wear during Breast Cancer Awareness Month are somehow “feminizing” the NFL. What? First of all, there are a lot of intelligent complaints that a journalist, who actually took the time to do something like research, could have when it comes to the NFL’s involvement in breast cancer awareness. Like say for instance, Andrea could have commented on how such a small percentage of the money raised by the NFL for breast cancer research actually goes to…breast cancer research. Or, how it would be nice if the NFL used its large platform to advocate for other diseases that are also very dangerous for women but less popular to talk about, such as ovarian cancer.

Hey Andrea, did you know that a lot of women actually WATCH football? Yes, it’s crazy to imagine, but there are A LOT of women who are actual FANS of football. Nuts. So many, in fact that the NFL has been working on coming up with ways to cater to that very fan base. NUTS! It’s a tough thing to imagine or a woman whose brain has somehow stopped developing past 1956, but yes, Andrea, it’s true.

Here’s a thought: A lot of people watch the super bowl. some of them own guns and some of them don’t. since guns are a sensitive and controversial subject lately due to events like Aurora, Newtown, and all the thousands of homicides that go unrecognized by the news because the media has to talk about breast cancer awareness month feminizing the NFL. (Looking at you Andrea!) maybe having a commercial that could bring up negative emotions and memories for people isn’t a good idea during the most watched programming on the year.


Ten Of The Greatest Moments In Sports History

10 people respond to the question, “What’s the greatest moment in sports history?”  There were so many amazing moments to choose from, but I had to narrow it down to 10.  If you think I’ve neglected to name a moment that’s better than the ones listed below, feel free to yell at me in the comments section or berate me on Twitter.

1. triple_OH_7: 

Here’s a good one in terms of historical significance and impact outside of the world of sports: The 1954 World Cup Final, in which West Germany beat Hungary 3-2.

It’s nearly 10 years since the end of World War II. German citizens are ashamed, mentally devastated by the horrors that occurred in their country. There is nothing, absolutely nothing to be proud of if you’re a German. No sense of nationalism, no pride for one’s heritage, and understandably so.

And then your team, as massive underdogs, scores the winning goal with 6 minutes left on the biggest stage in the world’s most popular sport. It was the first time since World War II that the German national anthem was played at a sporting event.

2. young_beard: Bo Kimble shoots his first three free throws with his left hand in honor of a recently deceased team mate Hank Gathers who shot left handed. He made all three, and continued to shoot his first free throws of each game left handed. (EDITORS NOTE: Did you know that when Chris Paul was in High School, he dedicated a game to his grandfather who had died at age 61 by shooting exactly 61 points.  He got to 60 points and waited to be fouled, hit one basket and intentionally missed the second to have 61 and then left the game to be with his family. Amazing.)

3. FSMfan

"The most amazing, thrilling, sensational moment in the history of college football!!!"

He wasn’t wrong. He knew what he had witnessed right at the moment it happened.

4. slinggg: For me it’s Jason Lezak closing the 4x100m freestyle relay at the 2008 Olympics.

This was one of Michael Phelps’ eight races, and he needed to win it to get the record-breaking eight gold medals in a single Olympics. It was the only race that he wasn’t favored to win — the French team for this race was the clear best in the world, the Americans were a distant second.

Before the race, the best 100m freestyler on the French team — and the best in the world; a few days later he would convincingly win gold in the individual 100 free — Alain Bernard, told the media, “We will crush the Americans.”

And then the race happens, and for the first three legs of the race the French do dominate, and Bernard (who is closing the race for the French) goes into the water with a full body length advantage over the American closer, Jason Lezak.

At that time, Lezak was a 32-year-old swimmer who was past his prime and who had never medaled in an individual event. And… watch the video.

When I saw that live it was the only time in sports that I thought, this literally cannot be happening.

5. Valuska: Muhammad Ali knocking out George Foreman in Zaire.

6. hatesseattletrafficNolan Ryan making Robin Ventura reconsider his life decisions.

7. colonelcrayons: 

Kerri Strug doing her vault at the 1996 Olympics. The girl performs the vault despite having injured her ankle, wins gold, and gets carried to the podium by her coach like a pure bawse.

8. displaced_studentBoise State’s Fiesta Bowl win over Oklahoma in 2007. Greatest ending to any game, ever.

9. Almostinthebutthole: The South Africa World Rugby Cup win in 1995. Practically united a country which was facing incredible turmoil after the abolishment of the apartheid society

10. PuckIsLifePersonally, i feel that it was the United States defeating the Soviet Union in the 1980 Olympics hockey semifinal. The culmination of what was going on in the world at the time and the sheer unlikelihood that such a young, inexperienced US team could beat the powerhouse that was the USSR makes it such a monumental victory.

I came across this video on reddit, and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since. It’s a tragedy beyond imagination, one so preventable, I think every human being can learn a lesson from it. 

Boban Janković was a talented 29-year old basketball player in the Greek Basketball League when one moment of frustration changed his life forever.  During an intense playoff game with a rival squad, Janković scored a crucial basket while being heavily guarded. However, a referee called Janković for an offensive foul (his 5th of the game), and as a result he fouled out and could no longer play. The call set Janković off in a fit of anger.  He slammed his head against a padded concrete goal post, which caused permanent damage to his spinal cord.  He was never able to walk again.  He subsequently died of heart failure at age 42.

Before you immediately blame Janković for causing the injury to himself, take a step back and think about every time you’ve been frustrated or angry.  The times when anger rose from the bottoms of your feet to the top of your head, and took control of you to the point that throwing something on the floor or screaming at the top of your lungs were the only things that made you feel better. The times when you caught yourself yelling a profanity out loud while trying to walk through a crowd. The times when you screwed up at work and slammed your hands against you desk or started smacking your computer.

We are all guilty of letting even the smallest things get to us, to the point that our reactions can be outside of ourselves.  We react in ways that, after taking a breath and thinking clearly, we realize were out of line. We’ve all been embarrassed by our own actions at some point in our lives, we were lucky enough to walk away from those moments with only damage to our ego.  

There are disproportionate consequences in life that seem so utterly unfair.  

One moment of giving into emotion without thinking changed this man’s life forever.  Hopefully his story can change yours too. 

Not included in the list of weird excuses these celebrities give for being absent on social media is the one reason I think is probably the most accurate.  They spend their lives being fed lines by people who are more interesting and creative then they are, they have teams dedicated to helping them rehearse what they are going to say during interviews and rarely have to actually come up with interesting things to say on their own.

So…yeah tell us that you stay away from Twitter because you’re afraid of radiation or don’t know how to use a computer.  Whatever makes you feel better about actually just being incredibly dull. 

I love this. 

This summer I was on an airplane coming back from a long vacation and the older woman next to me ended up falling asleep on my shoulder for about 2 hours.  I’m not the most relaxed flyer and for some reason it made me feel better, knowing that I was somehow making it easier for her to sleep…or something?  

Either way, this brought tears to my eyes.  Helping strangers doesn’t always require a lot of time or money, just a small moment of human decency.